Mark Zaleski is an international, award-winning photojournalist based in Nashville, Tenn. He currently freelances for The Associated Press, The Tennesssean and AP Invision. He also has worked for a variety of commercial clients including DreamWorks, Florida State University, Keller Williams, Allstate, Trium Entertainment and DeNA Studios Canada. 

Mark worked extensively for media companies in Southern California throughout his professsional career, photographing hundreds of regional, national and international events. Those include: 


Tsunami aftermath in Japan 

U.S. military medical flight crews in Afghanistan 

Earthquake evacuations in Haiti 

Medical mission to Ecuador 

Elections in Mexico 

Flooding in Tijuana, Mexico 


The 9/11 World Trade Center attack 

California earthquakes 

Southern California wildfires 

President Ronald Reagan's funeral 

The Los Angeles riots 

The O.J. Simpson trial 


The Olympics, Norway 

The Paraolympic Games, Atlanta 

Super Bowls 

National Basketball Association playoffs and finals 

National Hockey League playoffs and finals 

National Football League playoffs 

Major League Baseball all-star games and playoffs 

Women's World Cup finals 

BCS Championship games 

Rose Bowl games 

NCAA Men's and Women's basketball tournaments 

NCAA Men's and Women's Final Four games 

Little League World Series